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Elara 64

The new Atacama Elara AV64 is a stylish black oak wood veneered rack, designed to complement the latest in flat screen television designs. The Elara AV64 is ideal for when a TRIPLE width rack is needed and for mounting televisions up to 65”, or for when space for larger AV equipment components is required.

This is also an ideal solution should your centre speaker require placing directly under the television, while still allowing enough free space to store other equipment.

The features and benefits of the Elara AV64 rack are as follows:

  • TRIPLE width allowing even the largest panel televisions up to 65” to be accommodated
  • Quality real black oak wood veneer top and bottom shelving to compliment your AV system
  • Fitted with a toughened centre glass shelf that has three different height settings that can be removed if required to allow for almost any size of AV equipment
  • The glass shelf is also isolated from the main support frame using heavy duty neoprene pads to ensure optimum AV performance
  • Rear corners of the rack are angled in to allow for easier “corner of the room” installation if desired
  • Comes complete with cable management achieved using a black oak wood veneered rear panel
  • Supplied with the choice of both spiked feet to aid isolation and maximise performance and standard feet for when floor surfaces need protecting
  • The Elara AV64 can easily accommodate 6 pieces of standard sized equipment beneath the top shelf
  • Supplied flat packed, assembly time of approx 40 minutes

“The Elara is certainly an appealing range, the high-quality finish ensures it'll add class to any home cinema set-up, and there is enough attention to detail here to suit the high-end crowd.”

Elara AV 64 Weights & Dimensions

Overall height 445mm
Overall width 1626mm
Overall depth 495mm

Note- centre glass shelf has 3 height settings

Option 1 glass shelf at highest setting
Top shelf space 115mm
Bottom glass shelf space 198mm

Option 2 glass shelf on middle setting
Top shelf space 153mm
Bottom glass shelf space 160mm

Option 3 glass shelf on lowest setting
Top shelf space 191mm
Bottom glass shelf space 122mm

Please note that the glass shelf can be removed completely if required which will give a total of 343mm.

Glass shelf dimensions-
Width- 1583mm
Depth- 406mm

Net space between the tubes 1500mm

Total weight capacity 150kg

Glass shelf weight capacity 35kg

Shipping weight including all packing 45kg